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Linus' take

((...)) I'd expect just more of (and much fancier) rather targeted AI, rather than anything human-like at all. Language recognition, pattern recognition, things like that. I just don't see the situation where you suddenly have some existential crisis because your dishwasher is starting to discuss Sartre with you. The whole 'Singularity' kind of event? Yeah, it's science fiction, and not very good Sci-Fi at that, in my opinion. Unending exponential growth? What drugs are those people on? -- Linus Torvalds Natmaka (discussion) 2 juillet 2018 à 06:41 (CEST)

Luc Julia

Luc Julia : "L’intelligence artificielle n’existe pas et la voiture autonome n’existera jamais". Natmaka (discussion) 26 janvier 2019 à 12:41 (CET)

Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice

Discriminating algorithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice -- Daniel Cossins, New Scientist, 20180412

Statistical models (Chomsky - Norvig)

http://norvig.com/chomsky.html Natmaka (discussion) 22 septembre 2019 à 17:22 (CEST)

Andreessen Horowitz 202002

The New Business of AI (and How It’s Different From Traditional Software). Natmaka (discussion) 25 février 2020 à 10:53 (CET)